IRC:nano [2019-10-27]


nano is a simple text-mode editor - although there are "nicer" gui-editors around - using nano has it's advantages:

To edit a file (or create a new one)

nano <file-name>

Where you replace <file-name> with the local filename or a relative/absolute file-path.

If <file-name> does not exist, it will be created on leaving nano

Use the cursor keys and PgUp PgDn to navigate through the file.

Important functions are listed at the bottom part with the according hotkeys:

^X denotes press CTRL+x (= eXit nano) M-/ denotes press ALT+/ (go to last line) for example.

^G will show the general help and does list all available hotkeys

Common samples are

nano ~/.bashrcedit the bash-resource file in the current users home-directory (aka ~)
nano ~/.profileedit the users .profile -file - used to 'export' session-global environment variables
sudo nano /etc/default/grubedit the main input/config-file for grub-menu as root

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