IRC:inxi [2019-10-27]

What is that 'inxi' used for?

inxi is used to get an overview of a mint-system, without using multiple system-tools (and to prevent potential wrong guessing). The parameters are used to filter the information-details returned from it.

The output of inxi gets normally displayed on the terminal and will be too long to paste it directly to the IRC-channel. At #linuxmint-help the 'mintbotd' will prevent this 'flooding' of the channel, by muting according people for some time = you wont be able to write at the channel at all for this time.

To give supporters a 'copy' of the output, one would have to manually paste it to some common paste-service and return the according url here. For your ease, the output of inxi is redirected (using the pipe-symbol '|') to a second tool, which will do the transfer to a trustworthy paste-service for you and directly return the according url, which you should share/copy to the IRC-channel.

Typical samples, you might get asked for at IRC

inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc 9999a general system overview - personal data is excluded
inxi -Nxxrzc0|nc 9999networking only
inxi -Sxxjust a minimal system-info / normally not shared = just for you to know which version + edition (cinnamon,xfce,mate) of mint you are running

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