IRC:bootparam [2019-10-27]

Change kernel parameters on boot

To edit kernel parameters on grub-menu press e (or TAB-key, if you run a live-mint): this will display your current setup in effect.

Replace quiet splash $vt_handoff (search the according line ending with it) with your parameters.

When done press CTRL+x to accept the temporary modification and continue booting.

Common replacements (only use them if you need them)

nomodesetturn off graphics-detection on boot = avoid black-screen
acpi=offturn off power-management = is faulty on some machines


The changes are not permanent = they will be gone on the next reboot.

Which is fine for most situations, as one does often use kernel-parameters to by-pass issues due to missing install of required drivers, or just wants to check if the param would help at all with some issue.

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