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Welcome CMR-Driver...

... to the 'non-official' - almost private - section of our website.
As the UJE-Server is down since several weeks (it's october 2009 right now) we started moving (work in progress :-| ) some informations and tools to our own website as a minimal replacement. Hope to see UJE dedicated server back online soon...
Questions related to CMR-tools? - mailto:cmr@orcus.de


OT_NetOpts.exe is a little freeware-tool for editing nick- and hostname of the PC-Version of Colin McRae Ralley 2004 (CMR04) - supporting all the available characters of the according CMR04 DirectX-fontfile.
Info: OT_NetOpts only modifies a configuration file - named "netopts" - residing in the CMR04 root-directory.

Terms of use

OT_NetOpts.exe can be used free of charge and without any guaranty (respectively)!
You may share OT_NetOpts with others, as long you don't
  • modify it - especially don't remove the copyright-information and/or the 'use at your own risk'-disclaimer
  • dont take money for giving it away.
You may set a link to this page or post a link to forums, as long
  • the according website is not interfered with illegal acitivties
  • the use of the according website is free of any charge

Download OT_NetOpts.zip

Download and unpack the ZIP-File (and do some virus-scanning) to the root-directory of your CMR04-installation (this is where the according configuration-file for host- and nickname "netopts" is located).

Using OT_NetOpts.exe

At startup OT_NetOpts.exe show's an 'use at your own risk'-disclaimer - which you have to accept - period :-) .
Using the tool is quite simple - just type the regular characters or double-click at the characters in the charmap in the lower part to insert the appropriate code.
Hint: codemasters used some private font-mapping (for their special-characters):
Thus there might be different characters displayed in the edit-fields (as they use a regular windows font) when selecting some of the the sepcial-characters... / that's ok.
Info: As long you do not expicitly "save", nothing will be changed within the CMR04 netopts-file. Using save creates a backup-file of the current netopts-file in advance adding an extension ".saved_" followed by date and time-information. In case something horrible should happen - which never was the case to me :-) - just rename the last valid backup file to "netopts".
See you online - "orcus ®".


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